Decorating with Synonyms and Antonyms Using Scratch and MaKey-MaKey

Investigate synonyms and antonyms using Scratch and a MaKey-MaKey..fun way to get your students CODING

Earlier this week I worked with 2nd graders who had been learning about synonyms and antonyms. Two weeks ago we did a fun whole group lesson to introduce the topic and on Monday the teacher and I decided to step it up a level and add a holiday flare!  

I met with small groups for this lesson idea.

 photo IMG_3505_zpsuwyfb5gd.jpg
First, we used Scratch to program a Christmas tree sprite (character) that we added to a holiday background to dance when synonyms were selected and to turn upside down when antonyms were selected. After I prompted the students to work with a partner to experiment with their code. This was a hard task for 2nd graders but they did it with very little assistance!

Before we started decorating the tree, the students needed to finish their Scratch program by recording their voices saying "Synonyms" and "Antonyms".

 photo IMG_3504_zps9utqzlyd.jpg Next, I explained the concept of a MaKey-MaKey (click HERE to take you to a guest post I wrote for Free Technology for Teachers this past year about this tool) and each student wrapped a Christmas ball ornament with tinfoil. Since most Christmas ornaments/balls are made of glass, they aren't conductors so we had to get creative by wrapping them with tinfoil :)  

 photo IMG_3503_zpsltmx6vby.jpg

Then the students used sticky labels to write pairs of words that represented synonyms and antonyms.         
 photo IMG_3507_zpsz8xajodz.jpg They "decorated" the tree with their words. Each ornament had either a pair of synonyms or pair of antonyms attached.  The last step really tested their problem solving skills as they hooked up the MaKey-MaKey to the laptop, connected the wires to the ornaments and matched up the Scratch program with the MaKey-MaKey cords that attached to either an ornament that had synonyms or antonyms. Whew!     

 photo IMG_3508_zps9su0qrq4.jpgThe kids had a blast testing out their creation.          
 Here is what these students programmed in Scratch (press the green flag and then click either the space bar or some of the arrow keys):

 Way to go, 2nd graders!