The Techie Teacher's Five for Friday!

Hey everyone! I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for her five for Friday linky! I get to post fiiiiiiive random things from this past week :)

This week I discovered that Ebates has a CHROME EXTENSION. I can't even tell you how dangerous this discovery is for me. Before I show you, are you registered with Ebates? I had seen SO many ads and have heard about it for some time, but I never really looked into the FREE program. Last month one of my librarians referred me to Ebates and now I am hooked. If you are like me and do ALL a lot of your shopping online, then you NEED to sign up

In a nut shell, you earn money when you shop online. To earn $$, all you have to do is remember to go to ebates.com first. Then you navigate to one of the thousands of online stores through the site to make your purchase. E.A.S.Y. Ebates gives you cash back for all of your purchases. I was leery at first but after I did an extensive Google search about this company, I was sold. However, what sold me even more was my first pay out that I received yesterday in my PayPal account. Each store decides on the percentage of cash back you will receive on your order. Here are a few examples:
As if that isn't awesome enough....Ebates has its own chrome extension! Once installed, every time you go to a site that supports Ebates, an alert pops up that you can click on and automatically connect your shopping trip to Ebates. Genius! This helps me remember that my Ebates account exists.

Click {HERE} to sign up for your FREE Ebates account. Why not make some money while you spend money?
This past week I attended the VSTE Technology Conference in Roanoke, VA. I learned a TON of new and exciting things that I can't wait to try out! One session demonstrated this "think on your feet" activity using the website, Pechaflickr. I could totally see using this in the classroom as a beginning activity or an exit activity.

Simply enter one word and choose how many random images/slides and the amount of seconds you would like for each slide to appear:
Students have to think on their feet as they "give a speech" that matches up with the images that are randomly projected. Here are a few images that popped up when I typed in precipitation:

What a creative way to practice academic concepts, comparing/contrasting, vocabulary words, public speaking, etc.!
I have been giggling ALL day thinking about this photo that one of my kindergarten teachers, Lisa Borres, posted on her Facebook page yesterday. I asked her if I could share and she said YES. Check out the "Box Tops" one of her students brought to school the other day:

I mean, that totally works! Right?!! Hahaha...
This past Wednesday I got to go to the Science Museum with a 5th grade class. Y'all....I haven't been on a field trip in THREE years! It was so amazing to be around kiddos who were SO excited to be out and about. Our "presenter gift" from the VSTE Conference was a selfie stick. Therefore, I had to bring it along on the field trip. The kids had an absolute BALL taking selfies with academic images that related to sound. I am helping their teacher with a big project all about sound; therefore, I got to go on the field trip! We will use their pictures in a digital creation. Stay tuned...
Finally, I wanted to share an adorable project one of our 4th grade classes has been working on. Their teacher asked them to research an occupation that existed back in the colonial times and construct a representation of that working environment. After the research was done and the models were created, I was invited in to model how the students could present their projects digitally. I thought it would be fun for the students to use the app, Tellagami, and have their avatar stand in their colonial environment while reporting about their occupation. Check out their adorable movies...cute and easy!

Colonial Occupations from Julie on Vimeo.