Create Your Own EMOJI

It's that time of year! You know..when teachers have to pull out every magic trick in the book to keep their kids engaged and wanting to continue to return to school. Therefore, ALL of us are looking for F-U-N yet educational activities/projects that will motivate our learners.

Recently I posted two activities to my TpT store that I wanted to share. Both will be 50% off for the next two days!

Create Your Own Emoji in Google Drive

Create Your Own Emoji in Google Drive will get your students engaged and can be adapted for many different kinds of learning activities. 

Simply send your students (via Google Classroom, Shared Folder, email address, your LMS, etc.) the Google Doc template that is included. Students will use the Google Drawing feature within Google Docs to create an emoji. It will be inserted into their doc so then they can type their response underneath their creation. 
This product could be used for a variety of activities:
  • Reading Response: How did you feel about the ending of the book?
  • Creative Writing
  • Character's Emotions
  • Interest Inventory
  • Exit Card
  • Understand how your students feel about a certain topic/school
This product contains:

1. Google Doc template with animated "My Emoji" title

2. Google Presentation (set to print on 8.5x11 paper). 

  • step by step directions: project the presentation and walk through together as a class or send to your students to follow independently
  • a rubric that is ready to print and GO!
  • an editable rubric that you can enter your own categories and numbers for scoring
  • reading passage with 5 comprehension questions about the origin of the emoji (answer key included!)
  • different ideas on how you can adapt this project for your classroom

Create Your Own Emoji
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If you are not a GAFE school yet or do not have access to technology, then check out this Create Your Own Emoji Activity.

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