If I were President...iPad Activity

This past Thursday I worked with kindergarten students who have been learning about the two presidents George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. Students created "If I were President..." videos using iPads. Before I went into the classroom, the teacher had her students brainstorm ideas about what THEY would do if they were president of the United States.

This quick and easy iPad project has students turn themselves into presidents and recording what they would do if they were President | The Techie Teacher

qr First, students used my favorite QR scanner app, i-nigma, to scan a QR code we projected on the board to take them to a Comemories site that had four different pictures of the two presidents. The students chose which picture they wanted to serve as "their body" and saved it to the camera roll.   Next, students went to the FaceTalker app (FREE!) and took a selfie. We walked through the steps to add their selfie as a face to their president's body. The kindergartners recorded themselves finishing the sentence "If I were president I....". Afterwards, students submitted their movies to my Work Collector.

Check it out:
  If I were President... from Julie on Vimeo.

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