Bitmojis: The "new" Sticker for Students' Digital Work

                                                Using Bitmojis for student feedback in Google Drive: The "new" sticker for digital work

About a week ago Alice Keeler tweeted about the Chrome extension, Bitmoji, and how you can use Bitmojis to provide feedback on Google Docs for your students. I had absolutely no idea that Bitmoji had Chrome extension...WHERE HAVE I BEEN?! Furthermore, using these in the classroom is such a fabulous idea...I'm G-I-D-D-Y 😍

What is a Bitmoji?
A Bitmoji is an emoji that you can personalize to look just like YOU. Basically, they are expressive cartoon avatars/emojis that you can install (for free) on your phone's keyboard. Click {HERE} to get this app installed on your phone. Note: You will have to allow Bitmoji to operate by going to your Settings>General>Keyboard if using an iPhone.

Once you customize your Bitmoji, you can start texting all sorts of personalized emojis. Warning...it is extremely addicting. Here are a few of my favorites:

How does this relate to EdTech?
I was so excited to learn that Bitmoji now has a Chrome extension. If you are not sure what exactly a Chrome extension is, click {HERE}.

If you are reading/grading student assignments in Google Drive, now you can add what I call the "new sticker" to their digital work...a Bitmoji! Kids/Teens will LOVE finding a little cartoon character that resembles their teacher on their work. The avatar that you customize to look like you will add a personal touch and the kids will get a kick out of seeing which Bitmoji you chose just for their work. 

As soon as I installed the Bitmoji extension to my Chrome browser, I immediately had to see what it looked like on an assignment I had in my Drive. I found that I couldn't insert the Bitmoji into the actual comment box; however, I could drag and drop it right below all of the comments. To be honest, I think I prefer this method! Check out my Bitmoji on an example that is part of a Fall Writing Project in Google Slides I have available in my TpT Store:

Using Bitmoji for student feedback in Google Drive: The "new" sticker

If you are interested in more no-prep writing activities like the one above, then be sure to check out my Seasonal Digital Book Bundle:

Also, be sure to check out these other emoji extensions that WILL allow you to include a regular emoji in the comment box or within a Google Doc/Slides Presentation: Emoji KeyboardEmojiOne.

I even like to include emojis in my Google Docs'/Slides' titles to help the kids locate things a little easier.

Bitmojis Are Available in Gmail?
YAAAAAASSS!!! This extension gets even better. Bitmoji syncs with your Gmail account so you can add Bitmojis to your emails. Once you grant access, a little Bitmoji icon appears at the bottom of your new messages.

Can you tell how excited I am about this discovery?!!! If I am THIS excited, then just think how excited your students will be :)