Top 10 List of Technology Themed Read Aloud Books

Even though I am "The Techie Teacher" there is nothing I like more than a good read aloud book. Kicking off a lesson in the reading corner with my students was one of my favorite things to do as a classroom teacher. As I merged into the role of a Technology Integrator, "story time" became obsolete in my world. I really felt like something was missing.

10 technology themed read aloud books for tech inspired lessons. Digital citizenship, online safety, powering down, cyber-bullying, cyber-safety, 3D printing, coding, evaluating websites and technology moderation are all topics covered.

As I started collaborating and planning lessons with teachers, I scoured the Internet for read aloud books that we could use for various elements of our lesson. Not EVERY lesson I carry out with teachers involves a read aloud; however, you better believe if an opportunity arises, I break out the books😛

I have compiled a larger list by topic on THIS page of my blog if you are interested in even more titles!

Here are 10 titles (with my Amazon affiliate links) that techie teachers, librarians, STEM teachers, school counselors and anyone else can easily weave into their lessons that involve the use of technology.

If You Give a Mouse an iPhone is just like all of the other If You Give a Mouse a Cookie/Muffin/Brownie stories that are great to use when studying sequences in stories. This book was published in 2014 but I recently discovered it in a gift shop in Richmond, Virginia. Once again, WHERE HAVE I BEEN?

This book sends a great message to students (and adults) about how you can easily miss out on all that life has to offer when you are constantly on your devices. Great conversations can be had about the importance of putting technology away at the appropriate times.

Goodnight iPad... is a parody of the popular book Goodnight Moon. It is a story that reminds children (and adults) about the importance of powering down each day.


What Does It Mean to be Safe? is a story that touches on everything from physical safety to cyber-safety and presents ways children can protect themselves. This is a great read for teaching internet safety as well as protecting personal information and passwords.

Peter and Pablo the Printer is an awesome story about 3D printing, creating and innovating. This would be a great book to have in your MakerSpace!

The Internet Sleuths is a story about internet safety that provides valuable information on protecting your identity and not believing everything people say about themselves. This is a really good book to read around Christmas time since it is about a child who receives a new tablet for Christmas.

But I Read it on the Internet is one every librarian needs to have in his/her library! It is about 4th graders learning how to evaluate Internet resources for accuracy, ease of use and informativeness.

The Berenstain Bears Computer Trouble is a great lesson about using technology in moderation and the importance of being with family and playing outdoors.

Hello Ruby is a cute little story and activity book that introduces young children to the concept of coding and computer programming.

Bully is a book by Patricia Polacco that teaches a great lesson about cyber-bullying. This book is better suited for upper elementary and middle school students.

Cell Phoney is a great book for upper elementary/middle school students who have cell phones. The book presents 6 rules for cell phones which emphasizes digital safety to prevent being hurt by others. You could also easily apply this story to the use of any kind of tablet/iPod Touch/etc..

Webster's Friend, Webster's Email, Webster's Manners and Webster's Bedtime are the cutest collection of books written by Hannah Whaley to teach children about digital issues.

 Webster's Friend, Webster's Email, Webster's Manners and Webster's Bedtime are the cutest collection to teach children about digital issues. Makes great read alouds for digital citizenship lessons!

Update! I stumbled upon another cute one and wrote an entire blog post about it HERE.

Do you know of any other technology themed books that I should add to my collection? Let me know in the comments below! I would love to add it to the Reader Recommendation List along with your name below:)

Reader Recommendation List:

Mrs. Haglin suggested this cute book about a cave boy who stays hidden in his cave playing on this tablet all day. Will he ever escape to enjoy the beautiful world? I immediately ordered this as soon as Mrs. Haglin posted about it in the comments! I can't wait for it to arrive 🤗

Sandy Karas Liptak found this book Dot written by Randi Zuckerberg. Sandy says it is a great book to teach technology fluency vocabulary words (swipe, tap, share, etc.)  and is about a tech savvy girl who learns to disconnect herself from the tech world in order to enjoy the world surrounding her. How cute does this one look? Another item to add to my Amazon cart!

Jennifer Elizabeth in our Tech with Us Facebook Group recommends Little Bird's Internet Security Adventure.

Mary Ledford in our Tech with Us Facebook Group discovered Grace Hopper: Queen of Computer Code and said she is going to use it to show the creative process one goes through as well as growth mindset, character traits and timelines. I'm looking forward to reading this one!

Another one to add to the list! The Technology Tail by Julia Cook is an adorable story about being aware of your digital footprint.

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