10 Ideas for Using the Free Telegraph Web Tool in the Classroom

What is Telegraph?

Easily create simple websites with the free web tool, Telegraph! Come read about 10 ways you can use the digital tool in the classroom. No logins required!

Telegraph is a FREE web tool that creates and publishes simple webpages without students having to sign into an account. It works on Chromebooks, laptops, computers and mobile devices! Students can add text, upload images and add websites including YouTube, Vimeo and Twitter links. The simple interface makes this an easy to use tool for our younger students.

Once you click Publish, the url for the website is automatically generated. Students can write down the url to take home or post in Google Classroom, Seesaw, Padlet, etc. There are so many different ways they could share their webpages!

Below is an example of a YouTube video I embedded to make THIS webpage. As you can see it creates a very simple website. Add as much media and text as you would like!

10 Ideas for Classroom Uses

Telegraph could be used for a variety of activities in the classroom. Some ideas include:
  • Reading Responses/Book Report
  • Writing Workshop (respond to/analyze a picture or video prompt/publishing)
  • How To Reports
  • Field Trip Reflections
  • Historical Events Report
  • Science Projects
  • Math Problem Explanations 
  • All About Me Project
  • Digital Show and Tell
  • Blog Posts for ANY Subject

Here is an example of a student reporting the steps his group took to complete an explorer project (Click HERE to see the full webpage):

Telegraph would make a great tool to add to Digital Choice Boards!

How else could we use this free web tool in the classroom? Let me know in the comments below☺

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