Adding Images to Google Drive Projects UPDATE

Adding Images to Google Drive Projects UPDATE

Update to Adding Images to Google Drive Projects..alternatives to the "take a snapshot" option can be used. This post lists free web tools as well as Chrome extensions and apps that are available.

Google recently updated how we insert images into our digital work. A few things have been added and something I use quite frequently has been eliminated. When you click the mountain image icon a dropdown menu populates instead of a new window. Here are all of the current options:

While I am super excited that we can now pull images from our Google Photos, I am SO bummed that the Take a Snapshot feature has been taken away. This allowed for us to take selfies to add to our projects. It was also useful for students to take pictures of themselves holding a creation they made.

Many of my resources provide the option for students to use this selfie feature. Some examples include:

Adding Selfies Alternatives

I'm hopeful that the alternatives below will be temporary and Google will figure out a way to bring this option back. In the meantime, here are a few work arounds if you own any of my resources listed above.

Chromebook Camera

Chromebook users can use the camera that appears under the App Launcher. Click HERE for directions.

Free Web Tools

Of course we always have our handy Chrome extensions and apps. However, recently I did a poll on Facebook to see if students are allowed to download and use Chrome extensions on their school devices. I have been in several schools recently where this capability has been blocked so I was interested in seeing the results. It was about 50/50. So if your district fits in with the 50% that blocks students from downing extensions, then these free web tools are for you (I'll keep my fingers crossed that you can access at least one of these on your school network):

Video Recorder (also a Chrome extension listed below) is a free online tool that has been around for a few years. It allows you to record videos and take pictures with your webcam. Videos and pictures can be downloaded to your desktop or saved directly to your Drive. The only downfall is that ads appear on either side of the screen.

Webcam Toy (also comes as a Chrome extension) is another free online tool that has over 80 fun effect and filters you can use with your webcam. I blogged about this tool back in 2014 and you can read all about it HERE. Snap your picture and download! This one has a skinny ad that appears at the top of the screen.

Chrome Extensions

If your students can install Chrome extensions and apps then you might be interested in checking out some of these options.

📸 Webcam Toy

Chrome Apps

📸 Camera
📸 Power Camera

Adding Photos/Selfies to Your Project

To add your photo/selfie that you took using one of the tools above, simply go to the Image (mountain) icon and upload from either your Desktop or your Drive.

iPad Users

This update does not affect iPad users! You can still add selfies or pictures by going to the plus sign (+)>Image>From camera.