Getting Started with Using Green Screen Technology in the Classroom

Getting Started with Using Green Screen Technology in the Classroom

Learn how you can get started with using green screen technology in your classroom. Lots of low budget options, apps, and software are shared!
This past week I teamed up with Anita from Goodwinnovate and Danielle from Study All Knight to talk about how teachers can easily bring green screen into the classroom. We had so much fun!

If you are not familiar with green screen or have been wondering where to start, check out our video that is embedded at the bottom of this post.

Links mentioned in the video:

☝As stated in the video, you don't even have to purchase a background! Check out what this clever educator did just by projecting a chroma key compatible color.


In the video below we talk about the different kinds of apps/software that have green screen capability. There are SO many out there! The ones we mentioned are ones that I have successfully used with elementary students. This doesn't mean that other apps/software aren't viable. The DoInk app wins the green heart because it is easy to use, student friendly and never lets us down. Miguel Guhlin has more about green screen apps for Android HERE. Check it out along with other wonderful ideas for using green screen in the classroom!


Many teachers I work with like to use rubrics to assess their students' green screen projects. HERE is a FREE grading rubric from Mr. Minger's Weebly site. If you would rather create your own categories, then you might be interested in my Editable Grading Rubrics below. These are nice because you can use them over and over again for ANY project! Low prep!

Video from our Facebook Live:

Note: Since this video, the iMovie app has been updated with a chromakey option!

Be sure to visit Anita's green screen page to grab even more fabulous ideas!

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