Fun Ways to Use Ransomizer.com in the Classroom

Ransomizer.com: A Website That Generates Digital Ransom Notes

Make digital ransom notes with this free web tool! Works on any device with a web browser. Fun ways to use ransomizer.com in the classroom!

Ransomizer.com is a FREE, easy to use web tool that will work on any device with a web browser. Teachers and students can create writing pieces that look like a ransom note.

☝Since ransom notes usually aren't thought of in a positive context, I like to tell students that they are going to create anonymous notes of kindness and/or encouragement.

When you launch the website you will be prompted with this screen (available in English and Spanish):

Type your note in the text box. You have all sorts of options to change the look of your note: colors, text sizes, fonts, textures and so much more! When you click Ransomize, your note is generated:

Fun Ways to Use Ransomizer.com in the Classroom

  • Teachers can create notes to leave around the room to kick off a mystery unit
  • Teachers can create notes for BreakoutEDU/Escape Room activities
  • Students can write a ransom note from the point of view of a character in a novel
  • Students can type a thoughtful note to a "secret pal" you assign
  • Students can type their word study words in sentences
  • Students can create fun Valentine's Day cards/notes
How else could we use this tool in the classroom? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below😀

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