Turn Yourself into an Animated Emoji

Turn yourself into an ANIMATED emoji using the Emoji Me app to add to presentations or student projects. Bitmoji fans will love this iOS app!

If you are a Bitmoji fan then you will LOVE these animated emojis you can make with the free iOS app, Emoji Me Face Maker. They also have a kid friendly version😋 Your personalized emojis COME TO LIFE! Customize your emoji, choose a theme and the app will export your image as an animated gif like these below:


There are in app purchases but a lot of really cute themes come with the free version!

Since the app saves the emojis as gifs, you can always convert them to video files using the app, GifVid ($0.99).

How Does This Relate to the Classroom?

A few years ago I wrote a post about Bitmojis being the new digital sticker. Now we can create animated stickers to add to student work that is completed in Google Drive. It is also fun to add a personal animated touch to your presentations like this example below:

I have even added my gifs to my Poll Everywhere polls!

One day when you are bored, sit down and make a bunch of different animated emojis and export them. Upload them to a digital folder of your choice (desktop folder, Google folder, Dropbox folder, etc.) and when you need to add an animated emoji to a project or student work, just pull it from that folder!

I posted about this app on my Facebook, Instagram and Twitter account. Lesa, from Logged in with Mrs. Johnson, messaged me and said she was going to pop one into a presentation she was leaving for her substitute. Such a great idea!

Kristina Hogancamp-Harjo, from our Tech with Us Facebook Community, commented that she was going to create animated emojis and make them her Quizizz memes. LOVE that!

Students would LOVE to turn themselves into an emoji to add to their work.

Do YOU have any other ideas about how we could use these adorable animations in the classroom? Leave your idea in the comments below!! 

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