How to Use Toony Tool to Create Educational Cartoons, Posters or Memes

How to Use Toony Tool to Create Educational Cartoons, Posters or Memes

How to Use Toony Tool to Create Educational Cartoons, Posters or Memes for classroom projects. This free web tool will work on Chromebooks, laptops, computers or iPads!

Toony Tool is a free web tool that works on any device with a web browser and allows students to express their creativity by making their own educational cartoon scenes, comic scenes, posters or memes. I like this creation website because it does not require a login and students can download a jpeg of their creations. This is one of the tools that I include in both my Word Study/Spelling Digital Choice Board and Vocabulary Digital Choice Board since it is so easy to use.

When you launch the website you will first choose from one of Toony Tool's backgrounds or upload your own. Click out THIS blog post for a few of my favorite websites for students to find free images to use in their projects.

Students can add a background, characters (they have a bank of characters or you can upload your own), quote/thought bubbles, props or meme text.

Here is an example of a poster that was created with options available within this website: 

This one was made with options available within the website. Students can add multiple characters!

This poster was created with a Toony Tool background and an Egyptian character that was found on PhotosforClass.

Here is an example using the meme text feature:

The background to this cartoon was created in Google Drawing (an activity from my Digital Directed Drawings line) and saved as a jpeg before uploading to Toony Tool. However, a similar cartoon could have easily been created within Google Drawing but students would need to use the image search to find a character to add to their diagram rather than choose from a bank of preloaded characters. Google Drawing is not available for iPads. Drawings can be viewed but not used for creation on the iPad so Toony Tool is a great alternative.

Once you have finished your comic, poster or meme select one of the publishing methods below:
If you click Save/Share online you have the option of sharing your creation via a link, embed code or on various social media platforms.
iPad users can hold their finger down on their comic/poster until a menu pops up. Click Save image and your creation will be saved to the camera roll.

Definitely check out this creation tool!

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