The Best QR Code Scanner for Chromebook Users

The Best QR Code Scanner for Chromebook Users

The Best QR Code Scanner/Reader for Chromebook and Computer Users

Recently I was talking to a group of teachers who are upset that their district will be trading in their iPads and replacing them with Chromebooks. Their biggest concern was that they thought their students would no longer be able to scan QR codes for activities they have created over the years. When I told them they could still scan QR codes with Chromebooks, they were astonished and wanted to know more.  

There are several different web tools as well as Chrome extensions that will allow Chromebook and computer users to create and scan QR codes. The BEST one (in my opinion) is QR Code Scanner. Your computer just needs a webcam in order to utilize this QR reader.

When students visit the website and select Scan on the left hand side, they will need to make sure to click Allow in the message that pops up in order to grant access the webcam.

Students can then hold a QR code up to the webcam and it will automatically scan. This scanner is fairly sensitive and usually scans very quickly. I like to think of it as the i-nigma app (my favorite iOS QR scanner) for the Chromebook.

Sample from Cause & Effect Task Cards
It is that easy!

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