iPromise iPad Poster

Establish rules and expectations for classroom iPads with the iPromise Poster. Students seal their promise by adding their thumbprint to the poster.

I can't believe it has taken me this long to blog about the iPromise iPad Posters I have been using for YEARS with kindergarten and first grade classes. This year I shared a few images of the posters on social media and had several people reach out asking if I had the template in my TpT Store. It has been uploaded and can be found HERE if you do not wish to create your own. Just print and GO😉

Establish rules and expectations for classroom iPads with the iPromise Poster. Students seal their promise by adding their thumbprint to the poster.

What is the iPromise Poster?

The iPromise Poster is simply just a way to establish classroom rules/expectations with younger  students when using iPads. It is never too late to make one! I like to jazz up the process of going over these by having students make a promise to follow the statements by "signing" the poster with their thumbprint (I then handwrite their first name somewhere near their thumbprint). They LOVE using my multicolored ink pad which makes the poster nice and colorful.

There are 5 simple rules/expectations that we go over with the students in regards to using the classroom ipads. I include two different versions in my resource but you could also print one of the blank ipads and write in your own rules/reminders/expectations. With K/1 students I like to use the first version that has pictures replacing several of the words to help them decode the statements.

Once the I CAN statements or iPad Reminders have been discussed, students make their promise with their thumbprint. I then hand them a baby wipe to clean off their hands (the ink from the ink pad listed above comes right off!).

Heads Up☝

If you end up passing out baby wipes like I do, be sure you DO NOT refer to them as baby wipes. Like I said, I have been making these posters for years however this year I was put in my place by a handful of kindergarteners who refused to take the baby wipes I was handing them because "they are not babies". Once I changed my word choice to wet wipes all was good.😂

Discussing iPad Features

Once the iPromise Poster has been completed we also discuss some of the basic features of the iPad. In the iPromise Poster template download I include this checklist printable:

iPad features check list for iPromise iPad Poster Activity

I find it very surprising how many K/1 students tell me "I know all about the iPad because I have one at home" yet still struggle with knowing about many of the items on the checklist above. Some know that the volume buttons are on the side of the ipad but still have trouble identifying the correct buttons. We take the time to practice raising and lowering the volume so students quickly learn that they CAN do these things on their own and do not have to interrupt a lesson to get the teacher's help. I also included on the checklist to teach students how to close out apps once they have finished using the iPad (double click the home button and swipe up on any apps that are open). This helps ensure that the iPads will run at tip top speed since having a lot of apps running in the background can really slow things down. Once they get the hang of it, they really enjoy this part!

Quick Reference

I always suggest to hang the iPromise Poster near the area where students go to grab a device (on a charging cart, on a wall over the iPad station, etc.). Behind me in the picture below is kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Racine's, iPromise Poster that is always in view for students to refer to. I really just wanted to include this picture so you could see my uniform😋Some kids call me Mrs. Smith while others call me "The iPad Lady".Therefore, I had to make a t-shirt. If you want to make one, click HERE to download the image I created (I also included an "iPad Guy"). I uploaded the image to Vistaprint and ordered a shirt during their 50% off sale. If you end up making one PLEASE post a picture on social media and tag me. I would love to see you!

I love how Parkmead Library put together their iPromise Display:

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