Design a Cereal Box in Google Drawing: Book Report Idea

Spice up student book reports with this Design a Cereal Box in Google Drawing Activity. Ideas for using technology as well as paper and coloring utensils are included.

I remember when I was in 3rd grade our teacher asked us to complete a book report in which we wrapped a grocery bag around an empty cereal box and used markers to create a "new" kind of cereal. Different components that made up the cereal box book report included: cereal name, tagline, company name, cover image, information on the sides of the box (characters, setting, plot) and a persuasive advertisement on the back.  I loved every minute of that project because it was DIFFERENT from the traditional "book report". Therefore, when I was a 5th grade teacher I had my students do something similar just by folding paper but unfortunately I never took any pictures of their final projects.

Go Digital!

Last week I decided to turn that same project into a digital version by creating a template in Google Drawing. I figured this will help students incorporate digital designing skills into their book reports/projects. Also, students will have the capability to work collaboratively since it can be shared through GSuite.😍

Not only could this activity be used for a book report, it could also be used for:

About the Template in Google Drawing

Students can use all of the designing tools in Google Drawing to create a PRINTABLE cereal box (or it could be a cracker box, box of cookies, pasta box, etc.). Here are some examples of completed reports.
Examples of completed cereal box book reports designed in Google Drive

The boxes measure to be about 4.5"3.5" and are about the size of the mini cereal boxes you can find in variety packs at the grocery store. Everything you see in the template image above can be edited. Therefore you can delete or add any elements to fit the needs for his/her class. YOU decide what kind of information you would like for your students to add. Change the template before assigning to students through Google Classroom, Google Drive address, shared folders, your LMS, etc.. If you are unsure how to share a Google template with your students, check out THIS blog post.

Different Formats

Aside from the digital template in Google Drawing, I also created a printable PDF version if the teacher would rather his/her kids use crayons, markers and/or colored pencils to design a cereal box.

Planning Sheets

Included are a digital (Google Slides) and printable planning sheets for those who wish to use this as a book report project. The categories cannot be edited.

If your students are not familiar with how to use the tools in Google Drawing, then you might be interested in checking out this blog post: USING DIGITAL DIRECTED DRAWINGS IN THE CLASSROOM.

Everything mentioned above can be found in my Digital Cereal Box Book Report for Google Drive™ that was recently posted to my TpT Store. Click the image below to learn more.

Digital Cereal Box Book Report for Google Drive

Spice up student book reports with this Plan and Design a Cereal Box in Google Drive Activity. Ideas for using technology as well as paper and coloring utensils are included.

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