My Favorite Creation Apps for the Elementary Classroom

Are you an iPad newbie? If so then this post is for YOU. I've had several messages in the last few days asking for app recommendations for new classroom ipads. Did Santa drop off cart loads of iPads over winter break?

When someone asks what my favorite app is or requests a few "good" apps they should download on their classroom iPads, I struggle. There are so many "good" apps out there, each one unique and has its own purpose. I really like to match up apps/programs with the teacher's end goal of a lesson/unit. THAT is what makes these questions challenging for me to answer. How do I pick out just ONE app or a COUPLE of apps to be "my favorite"?

Technology in today's classroom is so much more powerful than a child logging into a program and playing learning games. Students now have the ability to become creators, programmers, critical thinkers, collaborators and so much more! Therefore, I compiled a collection of "some" of my favorite CREATION apps for this post. I forced myself to narrow it down to 10 apps. So very hard! Most of these little nuggets have been around for while and are usually very reliable, easy to use and great for differentiation.

For all of my techie friends out there-you will most likely be very familiar with all of these. Your top apps might look a little different than mine. These are just ones I have used the most in elementary classrooms over the years.

Let me tell ya, I have 5 more apps I made images for that have been swapped in and out of this line up multiple times but I just need to go ahead and hit Publish to this post. If you are a newbie, 10 apps might seem extremely overwhelming. Just take a quick look and focus on one or two you would be interested in learning more about and set out to explore! Learn WITH your students. You don't have to be an expert. Give them a chance to experiment and teach YOU.

💥Now before I start listing, I want to mention that I did not include Seesaw and the Google Suite apps in this collection. These gems deserve a blog post of their own. Both Seesaw and Google Classroom are extremely valuable and promote the 4Cs in all kinds of ways. 

Here they are, in no particular order...

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