Legos+Technology=A FUN Learning Station

Last week I saw THIS video posted to Facebook by Teach It DIY to review how contractions are an abbreviated version of two words using Legos:

I thought this was a great hands-on approach to working with words! Students can use Legos to assemble words that make up contractions by finding two smaller Lego pieces with each word that fit within a larger Lego piece that displays the contraction. I ended up making a set for myself:

Using Legos to practice contractions for a word study center. Legos+Technology=A FUN Learning Station

The Facebook video shows the teacher marking up Legos with a skinny Sharpie. I knew I wanted to create this same activity but I didn't want to permanently write on my Legos so I ended up using an Expo marker that easily wipes off. ☝Note: This also means it will come off if students continually touch the side with the writing.

Using Legos to practice contractions for a word study center. Legos+Technology=A FUN Learning Station

Having a pile of labeled Legos for students to piece together would make such a fun learning station! 

Other Academic Applications

This same idea could be applied to other academic concepts. A few that come to mind are:
  • compound words
  • vowel patterns
  • part part whole
  • expanded form
  • fractions/decimals
  • you name it!

Technology Integration

Since the teacher isn't always available to check on the status of all learning centers/stations, technology integration can help hold students accountable for the work they are doing. Simply having students take pictures of their Lego pieces would be the first step. There are many ways they could share their work with others as well as take it a step further.

PicCollage App

One idea would be to use the PicCollage app if you have access to iPads. Students could create a collage of their Lego pictures and use the text tool to type out sentences that include the contraction or whatever concept they built.

Using Legos to practice contractions for a word study center. Legos+Technology=A FUN Learning Station-Example: Using PicCollage

Google Slides™/PowerPoint

Another idea that would be great to use on any device would be for students to create a digital presentation of their contractions or whatever concept they are reviewing by using Google Slides or PowerPoint. A picture of each contraction set could be inserted to a slide along with a typed sentence. Click HERE for a free template you could assign to students to use to collect their words. A completed example is below:

Free Google Slides template for Contractions practice with Legos

*If you would like to use this in PowerPoint, just go to the File menu in Google Slides™>Download>Microsoft PowerPoint.*


Seesaw would make it super easy for students to share their Lego creations. It can be used on iOS devices, Android devices, Chromebooks, Computers and even Kindle Fires. If you use the free version of Seesaw then you could have students take one picture of all their Legos, type sentences to appear around their picture and then record their voices reading their sentence.
Using Seesaw for contraction practice in the elementary classroom.

Seesaw Plus now has the ability to add multiple pages. If you have Seesaw Plus then students could add one set of Legos to each page and create a digital book.

Using Seesaw for contraction practice in the elementary classroom.

Book Creator

Book Creator would allow students to create a digital book of their contractions or whatever concept you are having them practice. This tool is web-based as well as an iOS app. A built in camera will help students to quickly snap a picture of their Legos to add to their pages. They can type their own sentences or use the built in voice-to-text feature if they need extra help with typing. What is really nice about Book Creator is that voice recordings are incredibly easy to create so that students can record themselves reading their sentences to add to their canvas.

Use Book Creator to create digital books of your contraction creations


Students could create a Flipgrid response in which they type their sentences before filming themselves explaining their Legos and reading the sentences aloud. This tool can be accessed via the web and is also available as an app in the Apple and Android stores. Completely free.

Whew! I could keep going but those are some of my favorites. Happy building 😀
Learn how you can use Legos and technology integration to create a fun learning center! Tools mentioned include: PicCollage, Google Slides, PowerPoint, Seesaw, Book Creator & Flipgrid.