How to Use Slidesgo Templates for Daily Organization

How to Use Slidesgo templates for daily organization

This is a sponsored post by Slidego. All opinions are my own.

What is Slidesgo?

Slidesgo is an amazing site where you can download free slide deck templates. You can learn more about all of the awesome templates by visiting Slidesgo: Free Google Slides and PowerPoint Templates, a blog post I wrote last year.

Templates for Educators

Slidesgo has recently increased the library of educational templates to cover more topics to help out with distance learning. If you want to save time or you are looking for new ideas to make your lessons or workshops more dynamic for your students, you can visit the Education category to find interesting free presentation templates. The colorful presentation designs and organized formats will truly keep students engaged in their learning. Slidesgo has made it super easy for educators to pop in their information and share with students.

For instance, this interactive and animated Spelling Bee Presentation will grab students' attention and help them follow along. Make learning fun!

Templates for Daily Organization

Slidesgo now has some amazing templates that will help with daily organization. For instance, this theme: OS Weekly Planner for Teachers (pictured below) will help you plan online learning activities for the week in a computer themed presentation full of screens and pop-ups! I love how the folders come pre-hyperlinked to different slides.

With so many currently teaching students from a distance, teachers can use Slidego's colorful templates like this template below to combine all of the lessons for the day, week or even month. These are perfect for PreK, elementary and even middle school students. The colors and typography give it a very happy style. Get creative! This template pictured below was titled Pedagogical Education Template but you can use it for any topic.

You could even create digital notebooks for different subjects using these templates. I absolutely love this Spelling Workshop Presentation for spelling/word study organization:

Use the different slides to create spelling activities that students can complete throughout the week. It will keep their work all in one place. Slidesgo even provides "extras" that you can copy and paste onto slides to act as clipart or moveable pieces.

How else could teachers use these templates? We would love to hear your ideas in the comments below!