5 Digital Alternatives for Letter Tiles and Letter Magnets

I have been sharing some of my favorite digital alternatives for letter tiles and letter magnets on my Facebook & Instagram pages and wanted to create a one stop collection in a blog post. Here are some of my favorite tools for helping elementary students work with words:

Toy Theater

Toy Theater's Digital Letter Magnets is a hidden gem! This tool can be used on any device with a web-browser and allows the user to change the letter color as well as switch between upper and lower case letters. Students can screenshot their work to submit or just use the digital platform to build words!

Digital Letter Magnets Website

Templates in Google Slides™

The most popular item in my TpT Store happens to be my Digital Letter Tiles for Google Slides™. Both lowercase letter tiles and uppercase letter tiles are available as separate resources.

Digital letter tiles
Lowercase Letter Edition

I created the lowercase digital letter tiles back in 2016 and since have had many requests to add digraph, diphthong and r-controlled vowel tiles. Therefore, I made a huge update to include some of those:

Digital letter tiles

Once I included those, I had several people complain that it was too much on the screen for students (I can't win😂). I explained how you can bulk delete all of the tiles on the side by clicking and dragging your cursor around the unwanted items and pressing delete. Boom, everything is deleted at once!

How to bulk delete items using a computer

Also, be sure to check out my blog post: A Handy Bookmarklet for Fullscreen Interactive Google Slide Decks. A chrome extension has also been created that is mentioned in that post! This is super helpful when working with slides that have extra moveable pieces on the outside of the slide by eliminating the distraction of the thumbnail images on the left hand side.

My uppercase letter tile edition does not include the digraph, diphthong and r-controlled vowel tiles.

Digital Uppercase Letter Tiles in Google Slides

Really Great Reading

Really Great Reading has a basic letter tile freeplay that will work on any device. The user just needs to select if they are using touch input, mouse input or trackpad input. 

The free version of this tool has lower case letter tiles that can be manipulated on the green canvas. 

5 Digital Alternatives to Letter Tiles & Letter Magnets

ABCya's Digital Magnets

ABCya's Digital ABD & 123 Magnets is another good one. I love how the letter that is clicked is stated and then sounded out as it is dragged to the refrigerator. Uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, shapes, punctuation as well as orders of operation signs are all available within this one digital tool.

5 Digital Alternatives to Letter Tiles & Letter Magnets

Letter Tiles iOS App

A simple iOS app for letter tiles can be found HERE and is available for $0.99. You can easily switch between uppercase and lowercase letters. I like how this one automatically connects the tiles to allow for a linear lineup! 
5 Digital Alternatives to Letter Tiles & Letter Magnets

5 Digital Alternatives to Letter Tiles & Letter Magnets