One of the Best Early Learning Apps for Kids: Homer

One of the Best Early Learning Apps for Kids Ages 2 to 8: Homer
There are so many educational apps available to download that it makes my head spin. Before I became a mom, I felt like I was familiar with the best educational apps for elementary students. I really had no clue about apps for early learning (ages 2-5). One of our sons turned 2 in December so I decided it was time to introduce him to a small amount of carefully monitored interactive screen time. I've taken a deep dive into exploring all kinds of early learning apps and there are many good ones available. However, I wanted to share one of my favorites with anyone who is looking for high quality content/activities for their child.

Homer is a personalized digital platform for children ages 2-8. It is safe, ad free and incredibly easy for kids to use. Homer combines your child's unique interests with their age and current learning level to create a personalized learning journey they love that builds essential skills for school and life. It can be used on computers or mobile devices!

My son and I have been working with the Homer app for a few weeks now and it has remained his favorite app to launch any time we sit down for our 10 minutes of ipad time. After a few sessions I noticed that he was starting to recall different colors accurately as well as count correctly from 1-10. Before we started Homer he would count out loud "8-9-10" but nothing else. It finally clicked and he now knows to start with 1!

It isn't just me who thinks this app is so wonderful! Practically every time I post something on social media about Homer someone has a glowing review:

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One of the Best Early Learning Apps for Kids Ages 2 to 8: Homer