How Students Can Prevent Summer Learning Loss with Tract

How Students Can Prevent Summer Learning Loss with Tract

This post is sponsored by Tract. All opinions are my own.

Tract Learning just launched a summer offering which extends access to teachers and students to use the platform for free throughout the summer starting on June 27th. What is even more amazing is that they are offering a virtual Creator Camp that includes daily activities, challenges, and live streams that are designed to help students learn video editing techniques and content creation. If you haven't signed up for a free account yet then just visit THIS link and use the code THETECHIETEACHER.

Preventing Summer Learning Loss

When I was in elementary school I remember completing those Summer Bridge Workbooks to help keep my mind "fresh" and continue learning throughout each summer. My mother would sit down with me each day to complete several pages. I hated it. If I had a platform like Tract to keep the learning alive, I think my mom would have had a much easier time getting me to engage with learning content. That is exactly what Tract does. It engages the user and offers challenges that revolve around their interests through the use and creation of learning paths. By including Tract in summer take-home assignments, teachers can support rising 3rd-8th graders in preventing summer learning loss, eliminating opportunity gaps, and developing the skills required to succeed in the 21st century. Over the summer, students can:

👉access all of the learning paths offered on Tract
👉create their own learning paths
👉participate in weekly Creator Camp activities (challenges and livestreams)

Be sure to check out the Summer Camp Calendar 🗓️:

Teachers can help students prevent learning loss over the summer with Tract by:

😎Tacking Tract onto summer reading and take-home assignments
😎Assigning specific learning paths to complete over the summer
😎Setting goals for students to complete X amount of challenges
😎Having students create their own video lessons (THINK: virtual book reports!)

Login Cards

I created these login cards in Google Slides for you to add student usernames and passwords. Print, cut apart and send home!

If you would rather print, cut and have students write in their own information then you might want to use THIS PDF.

More About Tract

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Grab FREE Summer Access

Once again, if you haven't signed up for a free account yet then just visit THIS link and use the code THETECHIETEACHER.

How Students Can Prevent Summer Learning Loss with Tract