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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Do you feel that learning about educational technology would be great IIIIIIIIIF you just had the available resources?  Been there done that. Two years ago I felt like our school system was the only school system in the world that still had overhead projectors in every classroom and called that "technology". I wanted a Smartboard so badly but like most schools, we didn't have any funds that would cover Smartboards for our classrooms. Therefore, I did something about it...

I LOVE Walmart. After submitting grants here and there I was finally awarded a $1,000 grant to buy a Smartboard! The next year they gave me another $1,000 to buy two iPads for the third grade team to share. I know two iPads doesn't sound like much, but it is amazing what you can do with just one iPad in a classroom! Check out this website and apply for a cyber grant!
Walmart Grants

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