My Portable Recording Setup For Student Use

My Portable Recording Setup for Student Use When Recording in the Classroom

Last week I finally got my trifold recording reference posters assembled and was able to take them with me to some classrooms. I travel often so I needed something that I could easily fold up and carry. I've seen many teachers create small recording booths out of foldable storage cubes that are lined with foam to enhance the recording quality but I really wanted to use Erintegration's Recording Posters from her TpT Store as a point of reference. I posted this setup pictured below on my Instagram, Facebook & Twitter accounts and received some questions so I thought I would share it with you!

These black trifold posters worked BEAUTIFULLY! I purchased them from Staples but they are much more affordable on Amazon when you purchase multiple. I took the boards into kindergarten classrooms that were using Flipgrid to record their ideas about what it means to be a good friend. We attached an emoji sticker near the webcam on their devices and called them focus stickers. This helped the children focus on where to look when recording.

In the recording station at the top of this post I set up my snowball microphone (affiliate link) which is AMAZING. If you are interested in learning about this microphone and others that I like to use in the classroom, check out this blog post: My Favorite Microphones for Recording in the Classroom. The snowball microphone and lavalier microphone (affiliate link) are my top two favorites.

Items Needed for This Setup
(Amazon Affiliate Links)

🎤Recording Posters by Erintegration
🎤Red Push Light (to be honest, I'm not very impressed with this particular light. The red light is kind of dull)
🎤Recording Letters: Download HERE, print, cut & glue
🎤Stickers (you can use any smiley face/emoji sticker)

I love how this trifold helps students focus on the task at hand while providing valuable tips to help produce quality recordings!

For a great list of recording tips, check out Erintegration's blog post: Recording in the Classroom.

My Portable Recording Setup for Student Use When Recording in the Classroom

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