Affordable Technology Themed Prizes for School Events & Conferences

Affordable Technology Themed Prizes for School Events & Conferences
Oftentimes I see people post in Facebook groups asking for ideas of affordable technology themed prizes they can purchase to use as door prizes for conferences or school events. I always post a handful of links to items I have given away in the past and even own & love myself! Therefore, I decided to combine all of those ideas in this blog post!

Before purchasing anything: 

  • I highly suggest reaching out to edtech companies to see if they would be willing to donate subscriptions to their service or one of their products. I have had a lot of success with this when planning district conferences as well as the Teach with Tech Conference
  • Also, I know many TeachersPayTeacher authors (☝myself included) are willing to send gift certificates that can be used to purchase resources from their stores. 
  • Published authors also love to donate a few copies of their book(s) that can be used as door prizes!  
*This post contains Amazon affiliate links.*

1. Presentation Remotes 

One of my favorite presentation remotes is THIS ring remote that I purchased from Amazon:

The best presentation remote for classroom teachers

Click HERE to read a blog post I wrote about it! I like this remote since I can wear it. Oftentimes I would lay my wireless presenter remote or phone (Yes! You can use your phone as a remote. Check out my post about that HERE) down while I present and forget where I left it 🤦‍♀️. 

2. Microphones 

Back in 2017 I wrote the post: My Favorite Microphones for Audio Recording in the Classroom. These would make fun prizes that educators would appreciate!

Microphones for audio recordings in the classroom

3. Headphones 

Seriously, THESE LilGadget headphones are my all time favorite for elementary students. This would be a very welcomed prize for any primary teacher!

Headphones for kids

4. Old School Floppy Disc Coasters 

I recently gave away two sets of THESE floppy disk coasters on my Facebook and Instagram pages. They are made of silicone and make a fun desk accessory🤓.

Floppy disk coasters for the technology lover

5. Stylus Pens 

Stylus pens are always a hit! Check out THIS post that mentions my favorite affordable stylus pens.
                                                     Stylus pens for kids Stylus pens for kids

6. Tech Themed Children's Book

If you haven't seen THIS list of technology themed children's books arranged by topic, stop what you are doing and go peruse! Elementary teachers LOVE picture books and these are no exception📘.

Technology themed children's books

You also might want to look into Augmented Reality Children's Books.

7. Tech Themed T-Shirts

My friend, Erin from Erintegration, recently opened an Etsy shop, digitalidentitee. All of her t-shirts are made for teachers who love technology! Here is one she made me with my FAVORITE saying:

Technology tshirts for teachers and educators

8. Fidget Keys

I found these fidget keyboard keys on Etsy (HERE) that I purchased for a friend. She keeps them on her desk and lets students use them as needed.  The clicking sound would drive me nuts if I allowed several students to use these😋but they do make a cute desk accessory.

Gift for technology lover

9. HUE Document Camera

My favorite document cameras for the classroom are those made by HUE. They are small, light weight and most importantly affordable. Pair it with their Animation Studio software and students can create amazing stop motion videos!

Affordable document camera for the classroom

10. Rug-Ed iPad Cases

You can't go wrong with a solid iPad case! My absolute FAVORITE are the cases from Rug-Ed. Thin, light weight and insanely durable!
RugEd ipad case for education
2nd Grader Showcasing her Digital Data Log

11. Ring Light

THIS is the ring light I own and love. It isn't the Diva ring light that everyone raves about but it works for me! The ring light truly transforms talking head videos. I sometimes take it with me to schools to help with filming green screen videos.

                         Improve lighting with the ring light for video production

12. Smart Phone Memo Pads

THESE Smart Phone Memo Pads are perfect for any elementary techie teacher!

Phone notepads for technology lovers

13. Screen Cleaners

THESE dry erase board erasers that Two Little Birds has her students use as iPad screen cleaners are ADORABLE.

Technology screen cleaners for kids

14. Green Screen Supplies

Any #greenscreenguru would love to receive supplies for upping their green screen game. Anita from Goodwinnovate uses items like green slinkies, green silly putty, green gloves and so much more. Click HERE to check out all of her ideas.

Green screen ideas by Anita Goodwin

15. Jumbo Smartphone Float

Every techie teacher needs THIS jumbo smartphone float to take to the pool/beach😂. If I still had my own classroom, I would totally use this as part of my classroom decor.

Phone pool and beach float for technology lovers

16. Heat Changing Battery Mug

THIS heat changing mug is always a hit with the coffee/tea drinkers. When hot liquid is poured into the mug, it reveals a green charge.

Technology themed mug: Charge reveals GREEN when hot liquid is poured in

17. Computer Keyboard Mat

THIS keyboard mat could jazz up the sink area or classroom/lab entrance.
Computer keyboard doormat and bathmat

18. Keyboard Covers

Fun keyboard covers like THESE are super affordable and would make a great prize!

Computer keyboard skin

19. Mini Laptop Mirror

Last year I saw the Hipsterartteacher post a picture of her mini laptop compact mirror on Instagram and I had to order a few. They are precious! You can find them on Amazon HERE in both white and silver.

Mini laptop mirror: Tech themed door prizes for school events and conferences

20. App Icon Magnets

Who wouldn't love THESE app icon magnets? One of my former students sent me a set in the mail for my birthday a few years ago and I use them on my white board and refrigerator.

App Icon Magnets

I could keep going! Are there any tech themed prizes you like to give away or have received that you could share with everyone? If so, let us know in the comments below😘.

Affordable Technology Themed Prizes for School Events & Conferences: This post contains 20 ideas for door prizes and small gifts for educators who love technology.