5 Creative Uses for QR Codes

5 Creative Uses for QR Codes in the Elementary Classroom
QR Codes are a great way to connect the physical world with the digital world! They have been around for quite some time now but I have always loved how easy they connect children to various types of media such as audio recordings, videos, text, websites, etc.. The user can scan a QR code using any device with a QR scanner (iOS devices now have a QR scanner built into the camera app). With edtech platforms like Flipgrid (and their AR Codes!), Seesaw and Padlet, QR code generation has never been easier!

Some of my favorite projects I have carried out over the years involve QR codes. Here are just a few:

How to Create QR Kids is one of my most popular posts here on The Techie Teacher® blog. Years ago I blogged about 5 Easy Back to School Technology Projects when QR Kids made their first appearance. Students can create audio recordings, videos or any kind of digital project to link to QR codes to be printed. With the teacher's help, each child takes a full body picture in which they pose as if they are holding the QR code. They paste the QR code on their body and attach a small binder clip  (Amazon affiliate link) to their feet to make it free standing (I worked with a 4th grade teacher, Emily Albis, who came up with the genius idea to use these binder clips!). Click HERE to read more about this project.

QR Kids make a great display! Have QR codes that lead to a digital project
This picture 👆was captured in Hagmann's Hearts classroom last year!

These End of the Year Smartwatches can be used any time of year! The example below shows a kindergarten class wearing "smartwatches" with QR codes I added that lead to a class slideshow. "It's TIME for 1st grade!" was printed above the QR code. Students wore these home on the last day of school. Other ideas for QR code watches might include: a class Flipgrid, a Padlet wall, class blog/website, class video, etc..
Smartwatches with QR codes that lead to a class slideshow

I saw the idea for creating a Flat Stanley Wakelet on Twitter and could not wait to help classes create Flat Stanley 2.0. Click HERE to read more about how these QR codes work to collect images & videos of Flat Stanley's adventures!

Flat Stanley 2.0 has a QR Code that leads to a collaborative Wakelet collection!

This ideas is so simple but really fun! Print QR codes that lead to any student project. Give students their QR code and challenge them to work it into an illustration that goes along with the topic of their project. Below is an example from a kindergarten class. Each student used Seesaw to create a video about their favorite field trip memory. Seesaw has the option for printing a solid black QR code or a black QR code with an image that is generated from the post. I love how this student sample uses the QR code like a window on a bus that is looking in on the student reading their memory.

Have students work their QR Code into a picture about the topic of their digital project

This last idea comes from @teachinginparadise on Instagram. When she receives her class list in the beginning of the year she makes postcards to send to all of her new students. A QR code is printed on the postcard for students to scan to hear her special message recording.

Send a postcard to students that includes a QR code that leads to a voice recording

A similar idea was shared by @asmallworldcalledkindergarten on Instagram. For Christmas she gave each student a copy of Corduroy and a QR code that leads to an audio recording of her reading the story aloud.

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5 Creative Uses for QR Codes in the Elementary Classroom