Quizalize: Student Response System

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Great digital tool for formative assessments!

Today I worked with a 4th grade class that was reviewing place value, number sense and multiplication.

 photo quiz_zpse1ftnsta.jpgWe started off our lesson by playing a review game using Quizalize. Quizalize is a student response system (similar to Kahoot, Quizizz, Class Responder, etc.) that really engages students! The teacher wanted to review place value and number sense with her students so I made a quick review game. Making quizzes in Quizalize is easier than ever!

Once you create your FREE teacher account and are ready to make a quiz, simply click "+New Quiz" and add your questions. You can add images, change your timer for each question, etc.. I also like how you can add an explanation for the correct answers. Questions can be multiple choice or unscramble the letters in the answer.

 photo 4_zpsvtfbxykz.jpg 

 photo 2_zpsjfmvxyna.jpgStudents can use a laptop, tablet or phone to access Quizalize. They simply visit quiz.al  and enter the code that is given to the teacher on his/her dashboard. Students work at their own pace to advance through the questions. After they answer a question, immediate feedback is given. LOVE THAT! As the activity is in progress, the teacher's dashboard (which can be projected) displays a 1st place and 2nd place lineup.

Personally, I think this is ANXIETY CITY; however, if you have a super competitive class, then this would be a great tool to use as a projection on your board.

  photo A3A1FB9E-5403-4F08-B1CE-5F39BCD7F549_zpszwv0fukg.jpg 

Quizalize is a great formative assessment tool that gives the teacher instant feedback. Give it a try the next time you need to spice up an assessment! You can even share the quizzes you make and search for already made quizzes :)

After we warmed up our brains with Quizalize, we had students pull up {THIS} collaborative Google Slide Jeopardy Game (just make a copy and then you can edit your own!). Together we made our own class Jeopardy game! I colored coded the columns to help students visualize where their question would be located and to also ensure that they hop on the correct slide when it came time to add their own question and answer. After assigning students their category and point amount, they clicked on the link to take them to the slide on which they would type their question. As a class, we came up with the different categories and then got to work creating our own problem on our assigned slide.

 photo vid_zpsy8vsmsis.jpgMy favorite part of this presentation is the Video Daily Double question. I ended up making this question but it would be SO fun to get the kids to do it next time. I used the apps Doodle Buddy and VidLab (thank you Tech with Jen for introducing me to this new app!) to create my story problem. The student who got this question had to write a multiplication problem that matched the array correctly. After we created the jeopardy game, we played it as a class! I told the 4th graders that I would share their game with other 4th grade classes to play so here YOU go. Good luck!

Creating Pictographs on the iPad

Thursday, November 12, 2015

A couple of weeks ago June Degenhardt, a 1st grade teacher, and I sat down to plan a lesson she wanted to do on the iPads that would have her kids create pictographs. Most graphing apps out there create bar graphs, lines graphs or pie graphs, but not pictographs! Therefore, we had to get creative... 
I showed Mrs. Degenhardt the free app, Doodle Buddy, and we decided this would be the best app to use to create the pictographs. Doodle Buddy is a lot like Pixie but with a very simple interface. I downloaded the app on her iPads and told her I would see her in a few weeks to carry out our lesson. 
Today was graphing day and it was a hit! I was so impressed with Mrs. Degenhardt's preparation. When I walked into her classroom, I noticed that she created a visual direction sheet for her students that contained the different tools and their functions (click the image below to download). 
 photo Doodle Buddy Graph Info_Page_1_zpswiszccsu.jpg

She also had gone through the app and created data cards that match the stamps (click the image below to download and then cut apart).

 photo Doodle Buddy Graph Info_Page_2_zps0mseygeo.jpg
*Mrs. Degenhardt gave me permission to share her resources...LOVE her!*
Finally, Mrs. Degenhardt had an example of a pictograph she created to help guide the students to create their own. She led the show and I was there as an extra set of hands. Such an awesome teacher!
 photo 8723c6b5-0710-4e24-b803-b4dd1dbf37de_zpsvyu4dqdb.jpg
Great job, 1st graders!
   photo B363C372-BE4C-4E9D-BBD7-48819282E239_zpsbko06gnk.jpg  photo EF5A9F09-2DEE-44F3-A703-E85EBCD90BD2_zpsbucj7r3b.jpg

This was such a simple (but effective) lesson that YOU could easily carry out if you have iPads in your classroom. Try it out and let me know how it goes :)

BoardThing: Virtual Collaboration Board

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Awesome virtual collaboration board!

I LOVE having students collaborate. Therefore, I LOVE to find digital tools that allow students to work together in real time.

Virtual collaboration boards like Padlet, Dotstorming and Realtimeboard are such amazing web tools for students to work together and share their work/ideas. Recently I stumbled upon a new virtual collaboration board that is new to me: BoardThing.

To use BoardThing, head to {THIS} website to request a FREE account. It is currently in private Beta and they want to add users slowly. Your students will NOT have to set up an account in order to access the board you create. Woo hoo!

Once you gain access (they sent me an email within a few hours!) you can sign in and see your dashboard. Here is my dashboard that displays and saves all of the boards I have created. To create a new board, click the blue "Create a Board" button:

You will be prompted to enter a title for the board you are creating (your students will see this title so keep it G rated...ha!):

Once you have created the board, copy and share the url to your board with your students:

When your students open the link, they will be prompted with the following message. Have them click, "Join as a guest".

They will then be asked to enter their name. It prompts for first and last name but I will tell students to just enter their first name.

This is what a blank board looks like. You will see in the lower right hand corner that it lists all participant names and also includes a chat room for students to communicate. I LOVE this feature! This is really effective if you have students working together on a board when they aren't physically in the same room (or if you just need a moment of silence!). 

At the top of the screen students can click on the sticky note and choose the color.
Next, they can either start typing or click on the blank background to make a sticky note pop up. You can type words, sentences and/or upload pictures you have saved to your computer. This would be a great way for students to share their work that is saved as a jpg/png file!

You can even change the size of, copy, lock or delete your sticky notes by clicking on the gear icon.
The other two tools include a pencil tool (students can switch colors) to draw and an eraser tool.

Today I tested BoardThing out with a small group of 4th graders. Four students hopped on the same board and created post-its for their word study words. Since students were studying affixes, they had to pick one color sticky to represent the root words and a different color to represent the words that had suffixes. Then they sorted the stickies to match up the root word with the words that contained suffixes by simply clicking and dragging.

The students liked how they could use the chat feature to help each other with their spelling since this station was a quiet work station. Students LOVED being able to work on the same canvas as their friends and they did a great job working together to accomplish their task.
Friday is another Tech Takeout Day at one of our elementary schools. Third grade teachers want the Tech Takeout Crew to model different programs they could use for one of their weaker skills: Word Study. I think my group will use BoardThing to practice different word features. Each child will draw one of THESE cards and will create as many virtual stickies as possible. The collaboration board will allow the students to monitor their progress when compared to their opponents in the group!

Click on the image to take you to the free download

I see SO many uses for this tool in the classroom! How else do YOU think teachers could use BoardThing with their students?

Blog/Website Hit Trackers that WOW!

Saturday, November 7, 2015

The other day one of my colleagues, Karen Hues, told me she found a blog hit tracker in the form of Uno cards that she added to the sidebar of her blog (seriously..go check out her Uno cards but don't forget to come back!). I was so excited that I started looking up different blog hit trackers and stumbled upon this AMAZING website that has hundreds of hit trackers that are absolutely adorable: apples, pumpkins, notepads... You KNOW I had to find something "techie" so I grabbed the computer keys tracker! They do have cute floppy disks but who uses those anymore? There are even ANIMATED trackers:

I think the apple counter is super cute for you primary teachers out there! Apples are added as the numbers of visitors increase to the tens, hundreds and thousands place. I feel like a place value lesson could be sparked with your new class website/blog hit counter:)

All you do to get a fancy little counter on the side of your blog/website is:

1. Visit http://www.free-counters.co.uk/ and click on the counter of your dreams :)
2. Choose your settings and fill in the info:
3. Copy and paste the embed code that is produced and paste it in a HTML widget on your dashboard (worked on both my Blogger and Word Press blogs!)

Go and...
free glitter text and family website at FamilyLobby.com

Internet Safety Commercials using YakIt Kids

Thursday, November 5, 2015

 photo 072d1b09-a371-40c2-9091-d18d1050fa33_zpsitlp0ssl.jpgThe 5th graders at one of my elementary schools took part in a Digital Citizenship Day to complete the Internet Safety modules that all teachers in our county have to complete this year. Each teacher was responsible for teaching one of the modules and students circulated around to each classroom. I was excited to work with the librarian, Theresa Harris, to work with the module that covers internet safety.
 photo fd8fab8a-96fa-4c60-8a70-b8ddf5156c8f_zpsnqk8kdho.jpg
 Theresa purchased 20 iPads for her library this year and she is having a ball learning how to use new apps with her students. She has mastered ChatterPix Kid and was ready to learn something new. Therefore, we decided to complete the commercial students had to create by using the app, YakIt Kids.  I think YakIt is a great app to try after you have mastered ChatterPix because it has a few more bells and whistles. You can create multiple scenes and have more than one item come to life and talk. The kids really like how you can change the pitch of your voice to be high, low or normal.

I modeled  how to use the app with the first two classes and then she was ready to take over and teach the remaining three classes. Way to go, Mrs. Harris!

After students were finished with their movies, they submitted their work through The Work Collector . The Work Collector is a script that my colleague, Michael Price, invented to help us quickly gather work from iPads and laptops. This script automatically creates a folder in your Google Drive that work is submitted to once students visit your Work Collector site and upload their work. BEST INVENTION EVER. I turned my Work Collector website into a QR code that students could easily scan and submit their YakIt videos:

 Check out some of the internet safety tips 5th graders created today using YakIt Kids:

Internet Safety from Julie on Vimeo.

Evaluating Websites

Yesterday 5th graders at one of my elementary schools took part in a Digital Citizenship Day to complete the Internet Safety modules that all teachers in our county have to complete this year. Each teacher was responsible for teaching one of the modules and students circulated around to each classroom. The librarian, Suzanne Stockman, and I co-taught the 5th grade module on website evaluation. Suzanne found this awesome SlideShare presentation that talks about the 5 Ws of evaluating websites.
 photo 1ae8b7e5-9dee-4d7b-8485-1f3f090d083b_zpsnkeziufz.jpgWe had fun bouncing off of one another as we engaged the students in a conversation about how to tell if a website is valid or not. After our discussion, students got into 6 groups and navigated to THIS folder of websites we dropped into our Student Server. The websites were renamed as the group number. Each group was responsible for opening their website and used THIS website evaluation form Mrs. Stockman found from the Cyber Smart website and printed. Two of the websites in the folder are real websites while the other four are fake. They are absolutely hilarious. My two favorite were: 

Tree Octopus (this one has Photoshopped images AND videos)

   photo IMG_3356_zpszdjflx82.jpg

 Buy Dehydrated Water

   photo IMG_3352_zpsof6idvmw.jpg

 At the end of the activity Mrs. Stockman and I revealed which websites were real and which ones were fake. The students had a ball and left the library giggling away!

Turkey Tales iPad Project: FREEBIE!

Sunday, November 1, 2015

free glitter text and family website at FamilyLobby.com
Happy November! In honor of TURKEY month, I have a FUN and EAAAASY little activity for you. Have your students practice the 5 W's with this Turkey Tales project.

Download the free iPad app, Hand Turkey. Have your students create a turkey and save it to the camera roll.

Students simply place their hand on the iPad screen to create their hand turkey. They will then have the option to customize and name their turkey.

Students can have fun watching their turkey rake leaves and watch a turkey stampede. This will help provide a mental image that will hopefully motivate them to write a creative story about their turkey.

Students will use the hand turkey graphic organizer that is included in this pack to brainstorm the 5 Ws of their story:
Next, students will write their story using the stationery that is included (two different kinds of lined stationery come in this pack in case you have students that struggle with handwriting):
Hold up for a sec! Aren't these TURKEY iPads the absolute cuuuuuuuutest??? I have to thank Erin Flanagan for these. You can grab her FREE seasonal iPad clipart in her store by clicking {HERE}.

After stories have been crafted, students can upload their turkey screenshot into an app like Educreations, ShowMe, StoryKit, Book Creator, Chatterkid (30 second limit), or Tellagami (free version has a 30 second limit) and read their story.

Here is an example I made in Chatterkid. I had to talk FAST to get all 5 of my Ws in!

Turkey Tale from Julie on Vimeo.

A rubric is included for you to grade the Turkey Tales:

Click the image below to take you to this FREE download:

Happy November!

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